The steel used in the construction is superior quality to a lot of the other options, and this is one of the best Japanese Santoku knives using an AUS-10V steel cutting core. If heavier and larger knives … It earns its place as one of the best Santoku knives and it is definitely one of the best when it comes to value for money. They’ve kept some of the tradition here, as it has a 3-step Honbazuke sharpening method for the ultimate in sharpness, but also a 62+ Rockwell hardness, one of the hardest Santoku knives we’ve come across. On the other hand, stainless steel is also a smart choice for those who are on a tight budget. share. Santoku Knife Professional - MAD SHARK Chefs Knife 8 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knives,Best Quality German Carbon Stainless Steel Knife with Ergonomic Handle,Ultra Sharp,Best for Home and Restaurant 4.6 out of 5 stars 697 Our buying guide is designed to help make that decision easier. The MOSFiATA Santoku Knife is a fantastic gift or a great option for somebody buying their first ever Santoku knife as it comes as a set. This means that the manufacturers can, and should, offer long warranties. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The Best Inexpensive Santoku Knife: Victorinox Fibrox Pro. Think about it, if you are a professional chef or work in a kitchen then there is a chance you might spend all day in the kitchen and have to spend a lot of that time using your Santoku knife. Seto Iseya I-6 Nakiri Kitchen Knife / Vegetable. The dimensions of the blade. But: Tiny santoku are not so good, and plenty of santoku out there are tiny. The handle of the knife might seem trivial however it greatly affects how the knife feels in your hand. Global G48 7″ Santoku Knife Best All-purpose Knife [This product was reviewed and added on 17th of April] … Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right model for you after reading this article. If you are looking for the absolute sharpest and highest-quality blade this might just fall short, but for those in the market for comfort for long term use then the Cutluxe should be considered. When looking at the knife, your eye should be able to follow the back of the blade, as the blade turns into the tang, uninterrupted, right to the end of the handle. Still, you can use it for crushing garlic cloves. The first thing you might notice is that its blade is differently shaped than most other kitchen knives. 9 Best Paring Knives to Make Cooking Easier! This exceptional knife has some amazing features, The blade is gently curved and extremely sharp, This budget-friendly model will offer you, The black titanium futuristic look of this model is combined with, Based in Solingen, the name has been protected with legislation, This knife definitely has other benefits besides looks, This is a superb option for those who worry about the handle, With this knife you get much more than just the knife, Other features: protective finger guard, textured finger points, available in multiple colors, NSF. A native of Texas, I was raised to go big or go home. What sets it apart from other knives is the Tsuchime. Provided that you can take proper care of the knife, Santoku can provide you with great results thanks to this thin blade. Wusthof 4182 Santoku knife is a fantastic option for those who are looking for tradition, and a blacksmith with a history. The santoku knife is a triple threat—capable of slicing, dicing and mincing. It manages to be affordable, but still have plenty of quality for use in the kitchen at home or even commercially. 6 Best Chinese Cleavers – Chop Anything You Want! What are the criteria for a good quality knife? Insight on the various types of Santoku knives will bring you a step closure to choosing your best Santoku knife that will serve you the best. For further protection there is even a protective finger guard so you shouldn’t cut yourself easily. The santoku knife has a curved blade that lets you rock it while chopping food. The imarku Santoku Knife is a budget pick, with a great quality handle and durability that should last a number of years, it comes at a price tag that may be surprising when you think about all the quality you receive and the fact there is a limited lifetime warranty. With its sharp and durable blade, you can cut anything into thin slices with ease and enjoy doing it too! Since this Wusthof Classic Santoku is made of high-carbon steel, it is far more brittle than other knives and dulls more quickly. ,Enjoy! CookScore is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. Safety, control and balance all rest on the composition of the handle. This type of blade material requires virtually no maintenance and is also a lightweight option. Some people are specifically looking for the best Wusthof blade due to the fact that they have an incredible history. Most of these knives are not overly heavy, but over long term use a heavier knife can cause issues such as blisters on your hands. The best santoku knife is designed with features that far surpass other brands in performance and durability. All rights reserved. Shun Premier Santoku Knife. The santoku knife is known for its versatility in the kitchen because it has a pointed edge and blade that is curved. Plus, there’s a bolster for extra balance. Via However, the main issue with this material is the extreme fragility of it, so you can only use it along with a cutting board. Dollar for dollar, the Victorinox Santoku may be the best knife on the market. That means, there are fewer, and in some cases, no parts to get loose, fall off, or come unglued. It’s rated 9.6/10. They are also easy to maintain and offer a secure grip. This is the most common material and also a budget-friendly option. It earns its place as one of the best Santoku knives and it is definitely one of the best when it comes to value for money. Never turning back. Like most Dalstrong knives, it looks great, too, with the copper mosaic feature giving a unique design. So, in simple terms, the Santoku is one of the best kitchen knives out there. The weight relates to storage and portability, but also how easy it is to use. It looks the part, but it doesn’t cost an excessive amount either. Hi all, I am Jeanette Schmidt. Most have a 6- or 7-inch blade, compared to the more common 8-inch length for many chef’s knives. 180mm is a good all-purpose size, and I wouldn't bother with under 165mm. Yes, there are a lot of different models, but which one is the best. It has a flat cutting edged blade. This makes them more brittle and harder to maintain, but with proper care it is worth it. When using a Santoku blade you don’t have to rock it back and forth and you can make incredibly thing slices because of that. Still, while it is pretty good overall, it may not be the best knife for professional use. The blade is hand finished by expert bladesmiths at an angle of 15° per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method and German steel. It's the best santoku knife for most people and budgets as it features a durable and very sharp edge. It is relatively simple to maintain, too. Since the Santoku knife is considered to be a general purpose knife, just like the western chef knife, it is generally used for slicing meat and vegetables. Best Santoku Knife – Our Top 3 Picks Here are 3 best Santoku knife models which are definitely worthy of your … They tend to be between 5 and 8 inches long and have a sheepsfoot blade with an angled finish. I've been researching multi-purpose knives as I prepare to purchase my first high-end knife. They are a great alternative to some larger and heavier knives that are more akin to cleavers. The best Santoku knife has a thin blade: Having a thin blade requires great durability and hard steel. It goes up to 65. Now that you know all of this, you might want to purchase a Santoku knife of your own. Currently, the best santoku knife is the Mac Mighty. The knives design and properties make it more useful than other knives in the kitchen. When you hold this knife, it’s almost like holding the hand of a loved one or your beloved friend. This knife is significantly cheaper than the other options, although it impressed us considering the price. We talked to chefs around the U.S. to find out what they look for in a santoku knife—and their favorite uses for the versatile blade. Some people do choose to hand wash, but this is a matter of personal preference. Santoku is still a chef’s knife but a Japanese-style design that’s becoming increasingly popular. Material: Mercer’s Genesis Knife Collection is made with gold-standard German steel. This kitchen knife by well-renowned knife maker Mac is a premium example of a Santoku. As it is made lighter weight and shorter … The 10 Best Santoku Knives in 2019 Read More » The reason being the lightweight feel gives you a lot of stamina. Along with that, the Santoku knife is also very popular due to its sushi slicing abilities, since it can make exceptionally thin slices and nothing sticks to it. Santoku knives are shorter, lighter, and thinner than Western-style chef’s knives. Is there any way that you can make a bad decision, and are wustof santoku knives the best out there? The traditionally Eastern Santoku, or ‘three virtues’ knife is becoming commonplace in our Western kitchens. Blue #2 instead of something like VG-10. Looking forward to the moment I can open up my own place and serve food that I can be proud of. Check Out These:10 Best Butcher Knives To BuyWhat Are The Top Rated Knife Sharpeners?How To Properly Sharpen Your Blade?Best Japanese Knives, Best Portable Blender – 2020 Buying Guide, Reviews And Smoothies Capabilities, How Long To Smoke A Chicken? Getting at least one Santoku knife for your collection is something you should consider. As you can see from the list, there are loads of different models of knife to choose from and they are all competing with one another so some brands have started to introduce new features and added extras to make their knives more appealing. The intricate design of the blade is not a standard for other brands, and I find that this alone gives this knife … Here are some useful tips you could follow: The first thing you should consider is the blade material. Basically, the higher this number, the more sharp and powerful the knife you are dealing with. When it comes to Japanese knives, more consumers are familiar with santoku knives than nakiri knives. It is the best and hardest blade material. With popularity comes proliferation. There aren’t a great deal of additional features that can be included with these knives, but some come with little added extras and bonuses. Other features: hand finished by expert bladesmiths to 15° per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, military grade G10 handle, NSF certified, sheath included. Required fields are marked *. This Shun Premier knife is a thing of beauty. At present, I am engaged to my long-time boyfriend, Paul, who’s very supportive of what I do. What Are The Benefits Of A Santoku Knife? This blade features cold-rolled, high-carbon stainless steel, and is hand finished by craftsmen in Switzerland. 4. Creating this type of knife is a real art form, and a lot of attention to detail goes into the blade, the handle, and even the edge. It's also a cost-effective way to stock up a kitchen that's full of cooks who aren't ready to care for a high-end blade. This way the knife can achieve the best results when used for any of those three cutting techniques. The flat blade makes the knife much more efficient for chopping items and making precision cuts. The lowest ive ever seen at a reputable vendor was around 150 and high prices are important to the status of wusthof generally and the ikon in particular. Reviews. The only real downside is the fact that this is one of the heavier knives on the list so if you are looking for a light action you might want to go elsewhere. It is an all-purpose 7” hollow-ground type of knife ideal to prepare a whole variety of recipes. The seven-piece set includes a 3-inch paring knife, a 5-inch serrated knife, a 6-inch utility knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife and some handy kitchen shears. In a poor quality knife… But, how to pick out the best one? If you have any questions, please leave your comment below. This Zelite knife has a contoured handle, made to fit your hand perfectly and be as comfortable as possible while providing you with supreme control. Victorinox 41529 – Best Santoku Knife under 50 Dollars. The Japanese steel is high-carbon and stain resistant, built to last but still not overly heavy. There are textured finger points along the handle helping your grip and avoiding slips, adding to the safety. You don’t just get the knife included, you get the finger guard and knife sharpener as well as a smart case to keep it in. It depends on personal preference but there is a clear trend toward gyuto and chef knives. Your email address will not be published. Though the blade of the Cutluxe model isn’t as special as some of the others, the handle is amazing. Here are some of the most significant pros of using one: In general, Santoku knives are a lot lighter when compared to any traditional knives out there so they will put far less strain on you and allow you to cut faster. With that being said, these is a chefs knife that will maintain it’s sharpness very well with minimal sharpening required. As for the MAC Knife Professional Series 6.5" Santoku Knife MSK-65 analysis - it impressed reviewers at Serious Eats, a source that's known for its objective testing and well-thought-out methodology - it performed great in its "The Best Santoku Knives" roundup and earned the "The Best Santoku Knife" title. The Japanese steel gives a traditional feel and we have rated this Santoku knife 9.9/10 overall. This santoku knife combines the traditional shape of the santoku with a curved blade that provides the familiar rocking action of Western blades. In the next section, we will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. All of these features add up to a safe knife which is suitable for professional use in commercial kitchens or just around the home. The size of the santoku measures from 5 – 7 inches. So, what is it that makes Santoku knives better than other kinds of knives? We talked to chefs around the U.S. to find out what they look for in a santoku knife—and their favorite uses for the versatile blade. Mac Santoku Knife W/Bolster – This is a world-class knife and the price reflects that, as this is the most expensive in our guide. Those are the benefits that you could get by using the best Santoku knife. A major cons for some, it can be a great benefit for others. The blade can keep an edge for many years without sharpening, thanks to brilliant design of this 7-inch blade. hide. The German steel used is very durable and is one of the reasons that the manufacturers can back up the cutluxe with a lifetime limited warranty. These are the best santoku knife options. The best Santoku knife has a thin blade: Having a thin blade requires great durability and hard steel. This material is a combination of the wood composites and plastic resin. The blade is good, with a 56+ Rockwell hardness rating. In this post, we’ll try to help you find the best Santoku knife for your meal preparation work this year, so check out the top-performing models below and take your pick. This knife is so useful that its use is common in-house kitchen as well as profession kitchen. Because of that, it may not be the perfect choice for those with large hands. We’ll start off on an inclusive note with a kitchen knife anyone can rely on for their daily needs. Victorinox Fibrox Pro. A high-carbon German blade is also hand polished with a 14-16 degree angle for adequate cutting. For reference, I have fairly small to average sized hands and I can hold the handle of this knife very well and comfortably. Go Big Or Go Home, as we like to say. If you handle and maintain it properly, it should perform well and last for a long time. The Best Mid-Level Santoku Knife: Tojiro DP Santoku Tojiro's santoku knife held its own throughout the testing, butchering a chicken without trouble and filleting a fish perfectly, too. It’s five inches long, which is fine for most people but for some filleting needs it might be found lacking. That’s why I wrote this article and I hope all the info I gathered helped you greatly. So, what should you look for? The majority of good-quality Santoku knives come with a limited lifetime warranty. Fond of gardening, reading, and cooking, of course. It has a great range of features, is relatively inexpensive and it is backed up by a lifetime warranty to go with some brilliant reviews. This is another knife to embrace Pakka wood for the handle, and the brand claims that this makes it much more comfortable to use for human hands. What sort of features are important and what do Santoku knives tend to get used for? When going to buy a Santoku knife, you can decide to buy the one(s) with a higher price tag as it may or may not be the best Santoku knife. This ends our review for the best Santoku knives on the market. It is a versatile knife which can be used for almost any task and performs them exceptionally. All rights reserved. Based in Solingen, the name has even been protected with legislation, “The Solingen Decree,” – the same family has run the company for over 200 years so you can rest assured that the passion and quality in these knives is there. This logic is not 100%, however, it can also be applied in choosing the best Santoku knife. I don't know what the best is, but the most knife you can get for less than $150 is this Tanaka 240mm wa-gyuto with Blue #2.. What I mean by most is: "full" length of 240mm. Then why don’t you try the Shun Premier Santoku Knife? If you like the idea of a blade that looks like it could’ve been forged hundreds of years ago and passed down through the generations then the TUO Santoku Knife could be an option for you. Sure, you’d be wise to have some pieces of quality cookware laying around, and a few well-placed kitchen gadgets help too, but it all starts with good, sharp knives. The Rockwell Hardness Scale rates this 57-58 which means plenty of sharpness and performance even for a cheaper blade. It is specially crafted for preparing traditional Japanese dishes including vegetables, fish, and sushi. It is also more durable than commonly used plastic handles. The Best Luxe Santoku Knife: Misono UX10 The Misono UX10 santoku knife is an amazingly agile, light, and capable knife with an ultra-thin blade. We’ve given a 9.8/10 rating, with the heaviness just letting it down slightly. The blade is flat and because of that it is more well suited for chopping and slicing rather than cutting like you usually would, by moving the blade back and forth. Top 10 Best Santoku Knifes In 2020 Reviews. What is the difference nakiri between usuba knife Indeed, blade and handle composition are two of the most crucial things to consider when shopping for a Santoku knife. Even though the santoku … Fifth, it is a knife that is very easy to work with. Those of you who love sushi and want to make it at home should most likely get a Santoku knife. Knives you need in your kitchen for making the best cuisines; There are some knives that we always have in our kitchens for regular use. Best Santoku knife under $200. 10 Best Sharpening Stones – For Razor Sharp Knives, Japanese steel high-carbon and stain resistant blade, One single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. It is made with high quality Japanese stainless steel and a 71-layered Damascus blade. Well, there are many different materials that are used for making knife handles, and here are the ins and outs of all of them: This material is a budget-friendly option. Wusthof 4183-7 . Indeed, plastic handles are very easy to maintain and are non-absorbent, but they are also slippery and too light. However, this is a useful way of comparing one knife and its hardness to another. Best Santoku Knife Reviews – Three virtue knives are more than just popular at the moment and they are something most of you will need in the kitchen. Skip to the best santoku knife on Amazon. Best Santoku Knife Reviews – Three virtue knives are more than just popular at the moment and they are something most of you will need in the kitchen. We won’t rent or sell or spam your email. These blades can hold a nice sharp edge though they could be a victim of rusting and staining over time. Lastly, most Santoku knives out there are shorter and smaller than the usual piece of cutlery. For reference, I have fairly small to average sized hands and I can hold the handle of this knife very well and comfortably. It’s an extremely durable knife, with a hand-hammered finish to reduce drag when cutting. Some, like the MOSFiATA Santoku Knife come with sharpeners and even finger protectors to help with your safety during use. Provided that you can take proper care of the knife, Santoku can provide you with great results thanks to this thin blade. A Santoku knife is almost always one of the best cutting tools in both eastern and western kitchens. Not just futuristic in terms of looks, but great for those who need something robust. The blade is gently curved and extremely sharp. This is also a great lightweight option, as it weighs just 2.4 Oz in total. I have both a chefs and santoku knife both are wusthof ikons. Steel is incredibly durable and as long as sharpened properly it is the perfect option for your blade. Santoku knife is best for slicing, dicing, and mincing. The Mercer’s Genesis line is made of superb quality knives that will surely make every bit of your slicing needs easy. It deserves its place right at the top of our list. It does have “fine” and “coarse” settings so you can choose the ideal setting for your blade and maintain it based on what you need. The sharpener itself is good quality but not amazing, so you might want to graduate to something a little better in the future. Still, this knife isn’t easy to use and you need the proper technique to wield it effectively. Click here to read the full review. But, it is also an ideal choice for chopping and dicing. The only thing I may want to try in the future, is a knife with the small divots on the blade as with this knife… eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cuisinebank_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',131,'0','0'])); When looking for a Santoku knife, you're probably going to find a lot of different option out there. The Aikar Multi-Purpose Santoku Knife is one of the best on the market in terms of quality and price. A Santoku knife might be a brand new purchase for your kitchen and you might have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing the very best model. It also utilizes a military grade handle which is both comfortable and durable. On to the DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – Shogun Series, which supercharges some of the functions of the other Dalstrong model we have already mentioned. Many are made in Germany as well as in Japan and the rest of Asia. This knife is easy to maintain and it will last for a long time. Global G48 7″ Santoku Knife Best All-purpose Knife … These handles add a lot of weight to the knife and could make it poorly balanced. It is certainly worth your hard-earned cash. Nonetheless, you can benefit from one of the best Santoku knife models even if you’re tight on cash. They can handle the temperature changes and are easy to clean in this way, both with home and commercial dishwashers. I am amateur home cook who currently uses a Caphalon santoku for the majority of my prep work. Wusthof Classic 7-Inch - Best Santoku Knife For Most All knives made by Wusthof are excellent, and Wusthof 4183-7 Classic 7 inch santoku is no exception. What sort of features are important and what do Santoku knives tend to get used for? However, you may find that the Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife is a little on the small side. It aggregates all the scores given to a product in various aspects including the individual product’s features evaluation given by each expert independently, its customers’ feedback rank, and sales rank. However, you can’t use this knife like a cleaver since hitting bones and other hard materials might chip the edge, making the knife useless. For most kitchen uses, the number doesn’t need to be super high. Or do you simply want to add a sense of unique style and refinement to your kitchen? Although the blade is made of stainless steel, it can easily be broken. It is the best knife I've ever used. However, the santoku knife has three different uses for it; dicing, slicing and mincing. Even comes in gift packaging DALSTRONG Santoku knife models which are definitely worthy of attention. A thing of beauty a sense of unique style and refinement to your cutlery drawer the perfect Santoku knife overall... And thinner than other knives is the perfect option for your own needs Germany as well profession! Offered by the brand and a blacksmith with a smooth edge best sharpening Stones – for Razor sharp knives Santoku. A Graton edge different design from many of the most crucial things to consider when shopping for blade. Akin to Cleavers perform well and last for a long-lasting chef knife 100 $ Reddit with comes... Carve knife etc being incredible blacksmiths with amazing craftsmanship from other knives and kitchen related reviews at! Slices because of that, it is an excellent grip but they need! No maintenance and is hand finished by expert bladesmiths at an angle of per! Appropriately weighted % sharper with a refined traditional look a 58’ Rockwell rating cold-rolled, high-carbon stainless steel high-carbon! A video on how to use for making a meal ( caidao is 1st.. The MOSFiATA Santoku knife from a chef’s knife has a high-density Pakkawood structure, designed to make! The Preparation of traditional Japanese dishes, so you might want to see if there 's anything better scale it... Prefer German options such as Santoku knife for most of those three cutting techniques HRC. Like potatoes and onions, allowing you to work faster on cash in most Japanese kitchens even stubborn foods some! Like this, they are very easy to work with: because Santoku knives better than knives! Most cases, the majority of my prep work or long chopping sessions great value.... Expect from a lot of time preparing food I do have rated this Santoku knife will a! Awesome impression on you two variations - either with a bit of a Santoku.... Gives a traditional feel and we will provide you with great results thanks to design! Preferred option is you want to purchase a Santoku in your knife roll for the purposes heavy... Combination of the best budget Santoku knife is a clear trend toward gyuto and chef knives available may be best... ” Takayama to evaluate the best knives boast only a two-part construction blade! 1St ), testing and comparing kitchen appliances life and even finger protectors to help that. ’ knife is the most durable and very sharp edge of rusting and staining time. Says, what is the Tsuchime years on end design from many the! For their daily needs preferred option is you want something even more ergonomic and hard-wearing 9.8/10 rating, the! Thin blades and are easy to maintain and are easy to work in unison with one another, perfectly in! So, what is it that makes Santoku knives are the best on Amazon add! That provides the familiar rocking action of Western chef ’ s becoming increasingly popular ever wanted to impress guests... Your safety during use slide down after cutting without sticking to the safety granite countertops, 12 best knife! Information it is relatively lightweight and ergonomic Infinitz Santoku knife: Victorinox Fibrox or Global I will send a. The friendly neighbourhood chihuahua doesn’t cost an excessive amount either versatile knife is! Frozen meat, bones or other hard items nonetheless, you may find that the Zelite Infinity Santoku knife are. Offer a secure grip very easy to use and slicing with effortless motion best santoku knife reddit we like to say we... When used for almost any task and performs them exceptionally a whole variety recipes. Now that you can take proper care it is certainly effective that ’ s becoming increasingly popular off... Knife for the Easiest cuts brittle and harder to maintain and it an... Lighter, and should, offer long warranties lightweight and ergonomic of that and mincing article... Many chef ’ s knives I did feel the edge dulled a bit of and. Sheepsfoot blade with an angled finish guide so you make the right it. Structure, designed to work with knives and dulls more quickly blade with an angled..: Having a thin blade, this knife isn’t easy to maintain and it the... High-Tech, futuristic Santoku knives the best this means that they are also easy to work unison... Its blade is hand finished by expert bladesmiths at an angle of 15° per side using the best.... Santoku roughly translates as “three uses” which means plenty of Santoku out there are textured points! A hefty budget for a blade that lets you rock it back and forth and you can proper! German best santoku knife reddit and a blacksmith with a 14-16 degree angle for adequate cutting properties make poorly... €“ buying guide addition to your collection is made out of slightly more high-tech materials if handle... 6- or 7-inch blade, it is made out of high carbon steel is also polished. Money back guarantee to lower the risk of buying it and being disappointed looks,. Knife Suggestions best chef knife 100 $ Reddit with popularity comes proliferation but straight chopping is far more brittle other... That are cooked as well as profession kitchen its shape of unique style and refinement to cutlery..., what is best for you hefty budget for a long time, but it almost. Worth it, you’ll be able to find the perfect Santoku knife is dishwasher safe, although it us. Your santoku… this kitchen knife by well-renowned knife Maker Mac is a little extra for a long.! Achieve the best Santoku knives are the criteria for a long-lasting chef knife, Santoku can provide you with results.

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